Client Testimonials

"You changed my life. At 45, I am healthier than my 20s and 30s. Working out with you has been one of the most productive experiences I have CHOSEN to do. Your 100% commitment to me as a client from my unique body and health issues to setting and achieving goals is top shelf. You are stuck with me now so I look forward to continuing the journey when I move to the Bay Area."

-Justin T.

"My husband and I have been training with Shane for several years. He has a great ability to motivate and encourage us to expand what we were able to do, which helped us get healthier and stronger. I really appreciate the thoughtful personalized workouts and other ideas about how to improve our health and nutrition. I highly recommend training with Shane!"  

-Marianne V.

"Shane's exercise routines that I do at home or while traveling have allowed me to maintain my fitness level when Iā€™m away from the gym.  His advice on diet and nutrition ā€“ including his recommendations of specific cookbooks ā€“ supports my health regimen.  Shane is very easy to work with; though we have standing appointments, he easily makes changes to accommodate my travel schedule."  

-Alan B.

"My fitness goal was to gain strength and definition in my legs. Shane challenged me to work hard and provided expert advice on form to prevent injury. Equally important to me was his encouragement to keep going. Shane's training program worked, and I feel stronger and more confident. Time to set the next goal!"

 -Nikki O.

"Shane has been my personal trainer for the past 14 years.  During that time, Shane has proven to be an excellent trainer, confidant and a friend. He is unfailingly reliable, never late,  consistently available and never fails to respond to calls or messages. Shane's acumen about training, conditioning and general 'health and fitness' knowledge is exceptional. Even more valuable to me though, is his ability to customize and adapt that knowledge to my needs and goals. In all the years we have been working together, I have never been injured while training, have never been bored with the routine and have always been motivated. I am especially appreciative of the way he motivates without being intimidating or overbearing. I have remained a customer for 14 years because Shane never takes my business for granted.  He treats each day as an opportunity to 'win' a client."  

-Jim S.

"Shane has been helpful not only in maintaining my fitness level but also in providing customized training for specific trips (skiing, altitude hiking) and recovering from various injuries." 

-Mary N.

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You should consult with a medical professional before starting any new exercise program.