Plastic Surgery – How it can help you with your self confidence

Do you think do you need a plastic surgery?

Many people are interested in having a plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can bring many changes to their lives. It can restore missing body parts that we lose because of injury or disease. For example, someone burn his face accidentally and left very ugly scars. Plastic surgery can restore the beauty of his face or even better. Some people may lose some body parts like breast because of breast cancer. Breast implant will do to restore it. Plastic surgery can make them beautiful and be a better person. There are many people who are not happy with some parts of their body. Let say for example, they have flat nose and it is really not nice. They decided to have plastic surgery to add nose height and to make it pointed. There are people who want to have smaller, bigger or chinita eyes. Plastic surgery will make it possible for them. We cannot blame people if they want plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is just amazing. It makes impossible to be possible for you. If you have enough money to do it, why not try plastic surgery?

 Why need plastic surgery?

There is report of increasing numbers of people who had plastic surgeries for the last years. Liposuction, breast implants and eyelid surgery are some of them. Well, it’s their right. It’s their right to do everything that makes them happy. It is their right to be beautiful. Some women may add fats during and after pregnancy. Whenever they feel ready, they really want to have their body back the way it was before. Liposuction is a very fast way to lose extra fats. Some women are not contented and not happy with their small breasts. Breasts implant can add the size of their breasts.

After that, they may feel happy and proud that they have bigger boobs. Besides, they want to attract men. Having bigger boobs can make them sexy and more beautiful. How about you, do you think do you need plastic surgery too? Are you ready to have big changes in your life? If yes, make sure to find an experienced and excellent surgeon to do the process for you. Make sure to ask doctor for any disadvantages that will happen after. Be safe and be beautiful all the time. Never hesitate to ask professionals for a successful treatment.

 Things to know about Breast reduction

Does Breast Reduction Work?

The pain that some women experience as they go about their daily activities cannot be ignored. The large breasts exert too much pressure on other parts of the body. There is of course the loss of confidence and low esteem issues. Such breasts invite a lot of unwarranted attention and women with such breasts have later reported restored confidence and a sense of self worth after undergoing the surgery.

Lastly, large breasts may limit you to the type of clothes you have to wear. You might find some nice dresses at a mall but the disproportionate aspect on your breasts will deny you the pleasure of wearing nice clothes. This should not be the case as with breast reduction, the proportionality of your breasts will be restored and you will be able to fit into any clothes that you have tried beforehand they got stuck at the breast area.

Thankfully, breast reduction is permanent as long you do not gain a lot of weight. Pregnancy and weight lost may also later increase the size of the breasts. So, if you want to retain the small sized breasts, then you should conscious of these facts.

The Dangers Posed by Breast Reduction

Despite the good things that come with breast reduction, you should be cautious of the challenges that May follow.Many women who have undergone breast reduction have reported inability to breastfeed as they did before. If the reduction was done haphazardly by an inexperienced surgeon, the milk letdown may be affectedly the misalignment of the nipples with the milk ducts.

There is the possibility of lose of sensation in the breasts especially in the nipples. This may be occasioned by damage of nerves in the breast tissues. As you wait for the nerves to heal, you may feel like you are carrying two stones on your chest.

The idea of carrying scars for life is a distressing one for most women who undergo breast reduction. Even though the bra will help to cover them, some scarring are known to be permanent, which can be haunting to those who would have wished to have no scar on their bodies.

Nipples are known to be misaligned after the surgery, requiring yet another operation to reposition them. The lack of symmetry in both breasts may not be so pleasing to women seeking breast aesthetics.

Delayed healing can be agonizing to some women especially when the cause of the delay is the damage to the blood vessels feeding the breasts. Though a rare occurrence, some women are known to lose a part of the breast-usually the nipple or the areola.

In cases of breast reduction gone awry, there may be extreme blood loss due to bleeding. In such cases, you may be forced to be admitted and blood transfusion done. No woman would want to end up bleeding to such an extent, but it can happen,

Infections are common after any surgical process and breast reduction is no different. In cases of infection, you may pus oozing from the affected areas, accompanied by excruciating pain. Infection may result from failure to follow recommendation on hygiene on the breasts provided by the doctor. It may also result from poor stitching that may leave gaping wounds, allowing infection to take place.

Not all women respond the same to either inhaled or general anesthesia. Some have allergic reaction while others may suffer complications like pulmonary embolism as a result of formation of blood clots.


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