Why Women Choose to Have Breast Reduction Procedures

To reduce is to cut down the size and alter shape of something to a proportionate end result. Breast reduction or mammaplasty is no different and aims at removing the discomfort of large, weighty and disproportionate breasts. Abreast reduction procedure involves the removal of certain parts of the breasts around the areola that are undesirable. They include fat, skin and tissue before reshaping is done.

So, Why Choose Breast Reduction Procedure?

Women want to have the size, solidness, weight and shape of their breasts improved. There are of course underlying reasons for breast reduction procedure as we enumerate each one of them below.

Comfortbreast surgery

Admittedly, no woman wants to move around carrying heavy weight on their busts; it’s like a mill round their neck, right? Heavy breasts put strain on the neck, cause skin irritation and so on.


If you have large breasts, you always have this ‘out-of –balance’ feeling. It knocks you out especially when you attract those furtive glances from curious onlookers. Women are sensitive to their appearance and anything bringing unwanted attention will definitely go at any cost!

Shoulder Grooves

So you have those deep gulleys on your shoulders? Blame it on the weight of your breasts which put a lot of strain on your bra straps. As a result, the straps cut in your shoulders, leaving behind deep grooves. These grooves are unsightly and cause undue marks on the skin. Breast reduction procedure is welcome to help cut some slack on the offending organs-in this case, your breasts. Psst! Stop blaming your bra manufacturer for snappy and faulty bra straps, it is the breasts.

Skin Discoloration

When the breasts drop southwards, they find a particular position where they lie always. With time, they form a fold which causes a discoloration on the skin. The skin reddens and looks like you have an inflammation. The bra worsens the condition and therefore only breast reduction procedure can alleviate the condition.


Back Painbreast-reduction-surgery-back-pain1

Huge breasts cause a lot of strain on your back. The weight in front is a lot heavier than the back. You therefore stoop to gain balance; as a result, a persistent pain begins at your back. At the s point, only breast reduction procedure can help remove the unwanted pain and help ease the back pain.


Ugly Bras

You may be tempted to say the world is unfair to women with big breasts, and rightly so; you are twice as likely to find small and medium sized bras as you would get extra large bras. As if that is not bad enough, the large bras cost twice as much as the small and medium ones. For those women who force themselves into unfitting bras, they end up with-well, ugly bras.

Poor Posturebreastsagging

No woman wants a hunched back but large breasts will certainly cause you to assume a certain posture and ultimately you have a poor posture. Imagine moving around with ten pounds plus of breast weight. Breast reduction procedure helps remove the excess tissue and fat on the breasts and therefore remove the unnecessary weight

Saggy Boobs

Most women have experienced sagging breasts and will tell you the agony gravity brings to them. Well, large breasts will sooner rather than later sag as a result of gravitational force. A knife job is all that women seek in order to restore their size, tautness and all.

Consider Breast Reduction Surgery if you have big uncomfortable breasts!


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